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Architectural Metal Insulated Wall Panel Systems

CENTRIA's architectural insulated metal panel systems help you reimagine metal with one of the industry’s best combinations of aesthetics, performance, sustainability and value.  One of the insulated wall panels provides outstanding thermal efficiency and moisture control – lowering a building’s initial construction cost while improving energy efficiency over the life of the building.

CENTRIA has perfected architectural insulated metal panel systems, offering a wide range of panel lengths, widths and thickness for the ultimate in design flexibility.  The panels are also factory foamed, minimizing insulation gaps.
The systems are also sustainable and are manufactured using  recycled content, HCFC-free foam insulation and reduce the number of materials used in construction. Through this process, the insulated wall panels improve thermal performance, address air infiltration and offer superior defense against water intrusion – all while providing tremendous design flexibility.

Finally, the architectural insulated panel systems fully integrate with CENTRIA's extensive line of innovative accessories for complete wall solutions – and one more important way to achieve optimum thermal performance and efficiency.

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